What for I blog 30D Challenge about Social MultiMedia Marketing?

This is my first blog about my 30 Day Challenge in 2010 about Social MultiMedia Marketing. 

The blog is about the 30 Day Challenge  I attend next 30 days about Social MultiMedia Marketing.  This year it’s about methodical, consistent and considered action to get results online. 

This blog will be may diary for all days when this Challenge takes place.  My main obligation at first for myself is to take at least 30 minutes a day – watching the video and taking action.  I will blog all useful, interesting things and my experiences, opinions, new ideas coming up together with my challenge colleagues I collaborate with from all over the world. 

I was really surprised, how participants are alive with their expectations what will going on in next days and what they will learn to easier make their business success. What surprised me, on this Challenge will take part lot of people who’ve attended this kind of course already the years before. They expect this year again they will learn and experience new knowledge and practice to next level of Social Media Marketing. And as far as I can see now, there will be lots of business internet projects around the world started in next weeks, months, primarily because Challenge will inspire and connect passionate people. 

And what is the main reason I open and started my first blog I talk about so a long time I need to. Attendants on  Challenge  communities motivated me, as they many of them started to write their own diary. As they say this Challenge will be more effective and live-experienced for each person, if we wrote some words about how we work on it, think about it… And even more, our opinions and masterminds we can share with the participants and all of you who came here and you are interested in new stuff and thinking about Social Media Marketing action and it’s future.


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